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Show me the money!

Everyone seems to be talking about billions in bailout money…for everyone from financial institutions to car manufacturers. The US is ready to dump billions…Canada, Europe, Japan, China, etc. ready to follow. Brings to mind some interesting questions…

Where is this money coming from? If this money already existed, why wasn’t it used to pump up the economy or help rebuild infrastructure in the first place? How can all these governments, crying the economic blues for so long, have all this incredible supply of money just sitting there?

If all this money is virtual, isn’t virtual money the problem in the first place?

If this money doesn’t exist, which generation is going to pay for the trillions in bailout money?

Here we have the case of giant corporations, who have paid exorbitant funds for the acquisition and retention of financial “experts”, only to be brought down to the brink by negligence or basic lack of foresight. How can we expect them to utilize the money wisely, and who do you really write the check to?

While I have not been scanning the net deeply, I have been watching the TV news and reading the odd newspaper. Seems to be some really important questions to answer, but like many instances in the recent past (like invading Iraq) we don’t have a viable “fifth estate” asking them. This does not bode well for the world wide future. The biggest question: where is the media when you need it?

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  1. As in the case of foreign countries, apparently they had it stashed and hidden away in their Central Banks … as for ourselves, I reckon it’s a mighty good question … how are we going to pay for all this, even if we did really want to … I mean, we got two wars going on … and that ain’t for cheap … not to mention the future costs inherent to all wars … if things keep going at this rhythm, our boys in Iraq and Afghanistan will have to swim and walk their way back home.

    Comment by Gilmour Poincaree | December 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. Well said. What is Iraq at now…$1B a month? And now there is billions lying ready for bailouts? Maybe taxes are too high? Imagine the possibilities that this money could have been used for…wipe out world hunger, go to Mars, whatever. Someone should be questioned about all this easy money.

    Comment by Michael Scott | December 18, 2008 | Reply

  3. “The government is not going to be spending any money. Confidence was generally building in the commercial sector but I think this confidence has come back now that we’re going into a very different government cycle,” he said in a conversation last week.

    Comment by Emil A. Brewer | October 11, 2013 | Reply

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